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"I can't thank you enough for being there for my son and helping him during his darkest days. You are the Ray of sunshine he needed. He would not be in this place without you. You came into our lives at a time when we were very worried about our boy.  His lack of motivation, lack of enthusiasm, and feelings of hopelessness and isolation were very real.  He was overwhelmed with school and with life during a global pandemic.


You not only helped guide him and encourage him to participate in reclaiming his life’s focus, but you gave him safety and comfort in knowing he had a support team in place.  One system at a time, you helped him to organize his time, his workload and his daily schedule.  You pulled him out of a sad space and gave him hope.  We are forever grateful. "

Dayna T., Notre Dame High School 10th grade parent

“Danit is amazing!! Our daughter has testing anxiety and Danit really helped her work through this by showing her various tools and techniques. Danit is currently coaching my daughter in Algebra, she has raised her grade from a D to an A and actually loves Math now. We have had many educators over the years, Danit is the best!”

Ana P., Wesley School 8th grade parent

"Danit, I'm not sure I can express the depth of my gratitude to have you in our lives, especially Owen's.
He seems to be finding his way in school which is a tall mountain to climb in this time of remote learning. I've wondered why it seems he was so far behind at the start of the year, as he's always been right where he needs to be, even though challenged by ADHD. I have concluded that this learning platform is just too much for a kid like Owen. He, and we, would be drowning without you. I cannot overstate your positive impact on Owen and in turn, preserving our relationship with Owen. How lucky we are to have you! 


I read an Instagram post saying that these times have taught us what is important in life.

I know it's silly, but it's also true. I have learned to appreciate the wonderful people in my life and

I absolutely count you as one of my most valuable people!"

Donielle L., Oakwood School 8th grade parent

“My daughter was lost entering Middle School and Danit got her into a system and organized so that she was set up for success!”

Christina W., Oakwood School 7th grade parent

“Danit is incredible. She helped our daughter get caught up on some math concepts while also addressing some lingering math anxiety and self-doubt that were shaking her confidence (and affecting her cognitive ability!). Danit impressed us with her thoughtful reports that she would prepare after sessions. Having those details really helped us when communicating with the classroom teacher. And Danit also was candid with us about when our daughter was ready to dive back in on her own and no longer needed that tutoring support. I've recommended Danit to a few friends, and their kids are also finding her to be super helpful. Highly recommend!”

Oona H., Archer School for Girls 11th grade parent

“Danit has been just incredible with our 12 year old daughter. Not only have her grades, understanding and confidence improved, but our daughter truly likes being with Danit! Huge bonus- we couldn’t be more grateful for her support and artful techniques.”

Rachel B., Wesley School 6th grade parent

“Thank you Danit, for your caring commitment and for being a real ally in helping Mary navigate her life through this time... She is lucky to have you Danit. Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into giving Mary something to feel proud of. This is more of a success than I think we even realize. Just seeing her celebrate. And just feeling proud of herself. I know it has been a journey, and a tricky one. But love and kindness and patience and believing in someone is magic. And she's so lucky to you have you.”

James M., 9th grade private homeschool client

“You have been such a joy to work with. I love reading all your notes about Ava and will miss hearing the joy in her voice when she talks about her sessions. I think Ava is pretty smart, thoughtful, and deep. She has flourished so much over the past few months working with you and we appreciate you for this growth. When I read your description of her progress, I feel confident that she will confidently find her way in this crazy world. Thank you Danit!

Homa A., Marymount High School 11th grade parent

“Emilyn went from struggling with math and dreading math class year after year to actually enjoying it.
This year Em has become such a willing participant in class that, in a recent evaluation, the teacher asked Em to give other students the opportunity to participate more. One does not need to be a math whiz to know that this is a complete 180!”

Larry T., Sierra Canyon High School 11th grade parent


I work with clients all over the country, including many A-list celebrities. I am committed to excellence and confidentiality in all sessions.

“I was looking for more than a tutor for my teenage son who needed help with Executive Function Skills - someone that would not just do his assignments for him, but teach him how to approach a project or test, plan out his work week, organize his files. Danit knew exactly what I was asking for. And her energy was just right. No scolding, no lecturing. My 16 year old teenage son loved her— so you know she must be good!”

Rochelle S., DeToledo High School 10th grade parent

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