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As an educator who uses mindfulness in my own private practice, I am well-versed in techniques to become more present so you can:

Certified Mindfulness Facilitator holding workshop for teachers and educators

Parents, teachers, administrators,

and school support staff...

you are a vital source of support

and a role model for students!

As someone who has worked in the educational field for over 15 years, I know how overwhelming it can get to manage all of your to-do lists while also fully attending to your students’ needs.

Learning techniques to feel less stress and more joy in your daily moments is not just something you do for you - it also gives you back the energy you need to support your children or students fully!

As an educator who uses mindfulness in my own private practice, I am well-versed in techniques to become more present so you can:

Be more available and attentive to your students or children

Feel less overwhelmed and more focused

Reduce stress and anxiety and fully enjoy each moment

Become more responsive to life’s demands

I provide a limited number of mindfulness workshops each year (currently held online).

If you are interested in learning how to integrate mindfulness into your days so you can

navigate life’s stressors with ease AND be a great role model for your students, I’d be happy to help.

Learning mindfulness and meditation is easier than you think...
even if you've never tried it before.

I have successfully facilitated mindfulness workshops and retreats for diverse ethnic, faith, and professional backgrounds.

These have included large corporations such as:

  • Twentieth Century Fox Entertainment

  • MGM Hotels

  • Mattel

and small businesses operating in the field of education.

Certified mindfulness teacher holding workshops for educators in Los Angeles
Mindfulness Workshop Testimonials

Learning meditation isn’t as hard as I always assumed it was. Thank you, Danit!

Mary H., Global Publicity Manager, Twentieth Century Fox Entertainment

Having never done meditation before, only some deep breathing techniques for stress, I really learned so much and look forward to exploring further. Thank you, Danit, for enlightening me with the possibilities.

Lori H., Director of Sales, Ayres Hotel Manhattan Beach/Hawthorne/LAX

Your presentation was excellent for our group of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds and you presented the topic in a way that was able to appeal to the entire group.  Thanks so much for sharing these important, powerful principles.

Thanks to Danit for the presentation... You created a great space to network and refocus for the new year.

Kara M., Principal, Creative Culinary Group

Rita C., President, Elite Resorts & Spas

Get in touch to request a workshop for your organization:

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