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What are executive functioning skills?

Executive functioning skills are the backbone of effective learning. Essentially, it’s about learning to learn! These are skills such as planning, organization, and prioritization that help students manage a “plate” full of various responsibilities without feeling overwhelmed.


They are also considered study skills because without them, the learning process itself feels stressful and confusing.

These include:


  • Effective time and task management

  • Organization of materials - physical and digital

  • Short and long-term goal setting

  • Task initiation, self-monitoring and follow-through

  • Self-advocacy and ability to communicate needs to teachers and others

  • Managing long-term projects and breaking them down into smaller assignments

Executive functioning skills such as organizing and time planning; calendar with highlighter

Strengthening these skills is especially important in the age of remote learning. Students have to navigate between different online portals and Zoom learning sessions...all while tackling deadlines and other responsibilities.

If your student is struggling with any of these, the resources below can help:



A great resource for all things executive function and learning differences

Learn about your kid’s learning style and embrace it! Take a self-assessment here!

Identify strengths for a self-confidence boost and build skills from there!

Landmark School's Blog for Busy Teachers for a deeper dive (great for parents, too!)


Here’s a wonderful customizable paper planner for time management for kids & parents alike!

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