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Highly customized learning sessions to teach each student autonomy

using evidence-based strategies and stress reduction techniques.

I work alongside clients as an educational therapist, mindfulness coach, and mentor to guide them in overcoming content struggles, underlying executive function deficits and

any social-emotional tools that keep them feeling stuck. 


Ready to help your student feel more confident

and less stressed about school?

Mindful learning specialist in Los Angeles private educational sessions


Academic Tutoring
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  • Math through pre-Calc

  • English Language Arts (Kindergarten through graduate school)

  • Science, History, and other core classes

Academic tutoring can help students:

  • Become more comfortable in the subject areas they previously struggled in

Executive Function Coaching
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Executive functioning coaching can help students:

  • Become more confident in themselves
    and their learning abilities

  • Organizing and managing materials

  • Planning time between school and other commitments

  • Learning study and note-taking skills

Social-Emotional Learning

Integrating mindfulness into learning can help students:

  • Feel less stressed and anxious about school

  • Mindfulness-based stress management techniques

  • School and testing anxiety reduction

  • Boosting confidence & rediscovering love of learning

Homeschooling/Independent Study
  • Customized curriculum in one-on-one setting (up to high school)

  • Curriculum recognized by your state's standards

  • Course grade tracking and creating transcripts

Test Preparation
  • Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE)

  • Primary, lower, middle, upper levels

  • Customized coaching to improve test scores

You want your child to succeed - 
not just in school, but in life...

Happy student sharing and enjoying learning in school

Imagine your student

actually enjoying learning

and knowing how to

cope with anxiety and life’s stressors.


1. Understand & demystify

  • Set up introductory call to understand your child’s needs

  • Build positive rapport and collaborative learning environment 

  • Identify internalized negative messages and reframe into opportunities for growth

2. Build positive experiences

  • Remediate and fill content gaps with custom tutoring or coaching

  • Rebuild positive associations to the process of learning 

  • Develop personalized strategies to build on strengths and improve areas of struggle

3. Track progress & graduate

  • Send you (and other collaborators) biweekly notes about in-session work and developments

  • Adjust session focus, as necessary, based on progress

  • Enter close-out process when goals achieved

During Covid-19: all sessions are online via private Zoom link, and fully adaptive to a client's current needs.

Executive function coaching clients are recommended to meet at least twice weekly to build core skills successfully.

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