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What is content comprehension and how can students strengthen it?


Gaining proficiency in key skills like math, reading, and writing is the basis for being able to effectively comprehend all core school subjects.


Students can strengthen these skills through committing to regularly scheduled learning or tutoring sessions and applying the material through subject-specific assignments.


As students gain confidence in their ability to complete assignments with less help over time, they become self-reliant learners, able to learn more effectively across all subject areas.

Student reading and gaining content comprehension skills


If you want to supplement MATH skills at home, check out:


  • Engaging games for most elementary-level math:

  • Special focus on math-fact fluency:

  • Middle-school/high-school level support:

If you want to supplement READING skills at home, check out:


  • Reading Rockets (an early literacy champion of great resources for K-5)

  • Reading comprehension practice galore (for all grade levels) 

  • Check out @Newsela for older kids who want more engaging and relevant reading 


If you want to supplement WRITING skills at home, check out:


  • A fan-favorite to get those fingers flying across the keyboard: @TypingClub

  • For younger kids who need more regular practice @Tell About This (best on iPad App) 

  • For older kids who need more detailed help with structuring their writing @Writable

  • For all ages - to turn their stories into published pieces: @Book Creator (best on iPad App)

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