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A holistic and mindful approach

My unique three-pillar educational approach focuses on helping your child by:

  • Increasing subject area skills and understanding through Content Comprehension

  • Providing tools to help boost your child’s confidence and reduce their school-related anxiety through Social Emotional Learning

  • Helping your child become a better learner through building sharpening their Executive Functioning skills

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Your child is a whole human being who deserves to thrive on all levels - educational, social, and emotional.

Families that have worked with me have been able to notice that their children have greater confidence in themselves and their learning abilities, less anxiety about school, and a greater understanding of subject areas they may have struggled with.

I bring a holistic approach to ensure that your child succeeds without adding that sense of school-related stress on them - or you!

I work with your child in a way that helps them embrace their unique learning style and strengths while rebuilding areas of weaknesses. As a certified mindfulness teacher, I also bring in tools to help support their emotional and social well-being as their love of learning is rekindled.

Work With Me One-On-One
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